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Keratoconus – ever thought of getting a pair of glasses???

We have become aware recently of quite a number of keratoconic patient who have been told that they can’t wear glasses, or are wearing spectacles that could be much much better. I think many opticians feel that people with this cornea condition have to wear contact lenses when actually, with careful care even patients who

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Sparkling Spectacle Makeover Event – Thursday 19th Nov 6-8pm

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We shouldn’t judge on appearances…but we do. And unfortunately people form preconceptions about us from the moment they see us, preconceptions which impact our interaction with them from that very moment onwards. Where is the first place people look when they first meet you? They make eye contact and say hello. There is no easier

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‘Diabetics’ or patients with diabetes

I had a very interesting conversation with a person recently regarding his diabetic general medical care. It is interesting that our health care system is spending a lot of money in order to keep this gentleman in good health. He takes great care of himself, taking regular exercise, eating healthily, and generally making sure that

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NEHW – I didn’t come to see you in case you told me I had a brain tumour

It’s National Eye Health Week this week and I thought I would mark it by showing the gulf between health care professionals and our patients! The title of this post polarises the views of my patients massively. Some of my patients see health screening as an opportunity to detect disease early, ensuring early intervention. Early

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Doing more for our patients with Autism

  Following a recent review of optometric care of our patients with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), we found out a couple of really interesting things. Patients with ASD are more than 50% less likely to report for an eye examination, therefore they are much more likely to have an on diagnosed eye condition. The reasons that these patients are not accessing

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“Andrew, have I got Kerry Katona’s ?”

    What is Keratoconus anyway? I could write for about three days on what keratoconus is and how it affects people but in short, it is a condition which affects the cornea (the clear structure that lies over the pupil and iris). The cornea acts as the most powerful lens in the eye and

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