Doing more for our patients with Autism


Following a recent review of optometric care of our patients with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), we found out a couple of really interesting things.

Patients with ASD are more than 50% less likely to report for an eye examination, therefore they are much more likely to have an on diagnosed eye condition. The reasons that these patients are not accessing eye care is not clear.

It is possible that some people with ASD do not notice changes in their vision in the same way that a neurotypical person might do. It is also possible that parental anxiety regarding appointments in unusual environments may discourage them from making an appointment for their child. Also, healthcare professionals may be ignoring the idea of eye care, as they are concentrating on other areas.

These patients are often very sensitive to changes in their visual perception, and consequently any vision changes may be more troubling to them than to other patients. This means they may well need the care more.

As ever, we are keen to do our best to help, and very much welcome patients with ASD. We have made a couple of simple changes within the practice which hopefully will help.

We are now offering orientation appointments at no charge which allow patients to come and meet us, and familiarise themselves with the surroundings, without having to have any examinations performed.

We now also offer the service where we talk patients though what they can expect during an eye examination beforehand.

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