‘Diabetics’ or patients with diabetes

I had a very interesting conversation with a person recently regarding his diabetic general medical care.

It is interesting that our health care system is spending a lot of money in order to keep this gentleman in good health. He takes great care of himself, taking regular exercise, eating healthily, and generally making sure that his blood sugar levels are under good control.

His diabetic care to him seems that every slight symptom is reported to a healthcare professional, is jumped upon, and offered further investigation or further treatment. He feels that he is seen as ‘a diabetic’ resulting in every ache, pain or random ailment being attributed to some horrible consequence of the condition. Should be maybe be view as a person first and foremost? A person who will undoubtedly have all the aches and pains people have.

He realises that any further investigation and further treatment costs time and money, and means that he has to think about his condition more, and indeed to worry about his condition more. This adversely affects his quality of life as it results in his diabetes actually playing a much bigger part of his life than it should.

This all seems terribly ironic as in delivering health care, we are doing our best to make sure that we improve patient’s quality of life, rather than effectively reducing it.

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