Keratoconus – ever thought of getting a pair of glasses???

We have become aware recently of quite a number of keratoconic patient who have been told that they can’t wear glasses, or are wearing spectacles that could be much much better.

I think many opticians feel that people with this cornea condition have to wear contact lenses when actually, with careful care even patients who have not been able to adapt to glasses previously, can get a pair which are really useful. The contact lens clinic at the hospital often seem very keen to fit with contact lenses, and are often not in the best position to give advice on glasses.

Firstly, the optician often finds the prescription is extremely difficult to find, often with conventional methods giving very confusing results. Additionally, there can be two wildly varying prescription which both work! On top of this, getting the old brain to install new software can be tricky, resulting in the walls not looking quite straight or the floor not being level.

We have had lots of success with temporary prescriptions recently, with us putting diagnostic spectacle lenses into a patients frame at no charge, in order to test adaptation and squeeze the very best vision out of the system – feedback has been fantastic so far.

If you have any corneal disorder and want to know if you can better glasses, email us at to make an appointment.

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