Do you wear glasses? No, well, just for reading.

There is nothing like a continual reminder of a permanent age-related change to send us into denial. A number of you forty-somethings will look at the title of this column and see absolutely nothing amiss with it. The quality of print isn’t what it used to be? Why do they print things in such daft colours? Why is the lighting so poor in restaurants?

I used to inwardly see this phenomenon as vanity, but my own advancing years have encouraged me to take a more gentle approach. I have always personally struggled with permanently closing doors in my life. Realising that never again will I go out to certain establishments in Belfast without everyone thinking that I am someone’s dad, never again will I bend down to pick something up without groaning slightly. Underneath it all, we know that reducing near vision is a subtle reminder of the relentless march of time – it aint ever going the other way so ultimately it’s a reminder of our own mortality.

Unfortunately, denial doesn’t work. Somewhere in our deepest darkest psyche, our brain knows that our issue is under that carpet, exactly where we swept it. So what are the options? The only one I can find is to see the opportunity for what it is. Even if you only use your wife’s glasses, even if you only use them in poor lighting, even if you only wear pound shop glasses, you DO wear glasses.

We need to get you to see the opportunity. This may seem like a bit of a stretch, but until we get you there, it will continue to be a grudge purchase, you will continue to waste money on products that are half right and you will continue to feel a bit miserable about the whole thing.

And if you do wear glasses, why not love them? Educate yourself as to what is out there, get the thing that ticks all the boxes, develop your own look, have different pairs for different occasions, and get people saying, “Your glasses are awesome – where did you get them?” To find out more, why not check out our ‘What makes a good pair of glasses’ article at