Routine care resuming Monday 6th of July 2020

Many people will be aware that the COVID risk associated with dentists and opticians has left us in rather a different place to many other businesses and organisations. Whilst we have been and will continue to be providing emergency and essential products and services the entire way through lockdown, routine care has been suspended. We will be resuming all products and services from week commencing Monday, the 6th of July 2020. Having said this, there will be a number of changes to the way we operate in order to keep our patients and our team healthy:

  • We will be seeing patients by appointment only. Even if you just need a minor adjustment to your glasses or some other seemingly trivial query, we will want to do it remotely where possible. Just pick up the phone and will get it all sorted out for you. This will help keep us all safe where a face-to-face appointment is absolutely necessary.
  • We will ask you to confirm that you do not have any COVID symptoms and if you do we will ask you to stay away.
  • We will ask you to have as few additional family members or friends with you as possible when you come to see us. The patient themselves and one other person if absolutely necessary. This aids social distancing within the practice, and again reduces infection risk.
  • We will ask you to wash your hands when arriving at the practice before entering reception.
  • We will ask you to bring and use face coverings throughout the time you are with us.
  • We will ask you to try to keep yourself, your belongings and anyone accompanying you to a clearly marked restricted area. We will bring you everything you need!
  • We will be booking slightly longer examination times in order to ensure the very best levels of cleanliness for each and every one of you.

In so many ways, our little organisation which has always had people, relationships and warmth at the very heart of what we do, will be impacted most by all of these measures which seem very unfriendly. We just want to remind you that it is still us and we are very much looking forward to seeing you.

Andrew & The Team.