Contact Lenses

contact-lensesWe take the greatest of care in our contact lens fitting as, in some cases, an ill-suited contact lens can cause harm to the eye. A series of detailed tests and measurements are performed and a suitable contact lens is suggested. Careful tuition in contact lens handling and hygiene is given before a trial period is undertaken. In addition, meticulous aftercare is carried out in order to ensure the health of the eyes is maintained whilst excellent vision and complete comfort is achieved.We fit an extremely wide range of contact lenses including:

  • Contact lenses for all prescriptions.
  • 30 day continuous wear contact lenses.
  • Varifocal contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses for astigmatism.
  • Contact lenses for sensitive eyes.
  • Coloured contact lenses to change your eye colour.
  • Bespoke cosmetic contact lenses.
  • Therapeutic contact lenses.
  • Daily disposable contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses tailor made to your eyes.
  • Scleral contact lenses.

Remember, you are never too old to try contact lenses!

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