Five reasons why our glasses are better

Firstly, let me point out that I regard glasses as not being the important end of things. In my opinion, glasses do not affect your long-term eye health (unless you are under the age of 10). Wearing an out of date prescription does not cause your eyes to deteriorate, equally increasing your prescripiton does not encourage deterioration in your eyes. In fact it doesn’t matter if you wear glasses when you shouldn’t, or don’t wear glasses when you should…as far as I am aware, it doesn’t even make any difference if you wear someone else’s glasses (unless you walk into something or get run over by a steam-roller!). But if your optometrist misses something during an eye examination…well that’s a different story.  

Having said this, glasses can be a complicated purchase and seeing the world in all its infinite beauty is an important part of living a full life. My take on it is that if you do want/need to wear glasses, it would be nice for them to give you the very best vision available at the same time as feeling comfortable and natural on your face…and they might as well bring something to your physical appearance at the same time.  

I should point out that I am deeply cynical of the fantastical claims made by all sorts of different organisations in their marketing material.  One of the benefits of going to a small business is that the person making the claims is the same person that has to take the flack if they are not met. My aim is to under-promise and over deliver every time.

Here’s what we do better:

  1. 1. Our optical assistants are the best I have ever worked with. They understand intimately how the frame will function in both vision and comfort terms once your lens design and prescription are fitted. They have vast experience in both the clothing and cosmetics industry which helps them to look at frame aesthetics regarding facial contours and skin tones. What’s more, we regularly recommend the cheaper of two frames when the product suits you better! 
  2. 2. We use one of the widest ranges of spectacle lens types available in any practice in UK. We take into consideration your prescription, your lifestyle, your frame choice and your budget to tailor the glasses to meet your specific needs.
  3. 3. We understand the frames we use to such a degree that we are able to highlight design and manufacturing flaws that even the manufacturer was not aware of. We know how the materials, surface finishes and designs will perform over their expected lifespan (and rememeber, the longer their life, the better the value).
  4. 4. On discussion with our suppliers, we are told that we demand a higher standards of quality than any other practice they deal with. Your glasses are meticulously checked by a fully qualified optometrist, employing over 70 different checks to make sure that your glasses are as good as they can be. That’s why we can give a 2 years guarantee.
  5. 5. Your glasses are fitted by a fully qualified, experienced optometrist. Our patients tell us every single week that they have never had glasses so meticulously fitted and adjusted. It makes such a difference…

All of these help you achieve the very best vision, visual comfort and physical comfort available anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you choose from our £49 complete range of glasses (which you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear), or have £600 worth of hand-made frame with high-index, Zeiss, photocromatic varifocal lenses, our standards are precisely the same…

Andrew Petticrew BSc(Hons) MCOptom.

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