If you want to get an idea of  why you should come to us to get your glasses, have a look at:


We provide a complete range of high quality frames at very reasonable prices, using lenses with the very best optics available. The result is a pair of spectacles designed to give you optimum visual comfort whist being physically comfortable and looking good too.

We use one of the most extensive ranges of spectacle and lens types including:

  • Lightweight and designer frames.
  • Low cost frames.
  • Frames for people with sensitive skin.
  • Sunglasses (with or without your prescription)
  • Specially adapted spectacles for:
    • computer use.
    • night driving.
  • Bifocal, trifocal, varifocal, thinned and lightweight lenses, (including Zeiss lenses).
  • Especially clear lenses with anti-reflection and anti-fogging coatings.
  • Hard lens coatings to reduce scratching.
  • Safety spectacles.
  • Snooker, cycling and water sports vision correction as well as prescription swimming and ski goggles.

If you can get it anywhere in the world, we will try to get it for you here!