The Children’s Clinic

Children’s eye care is extremely important. Using a number of special techniques we can get almost as much information about their eyes as we can about an adult’s.

A common question parents ask is ,”When should my child have their first eye examination?” The truth is that they are never too young to have an eye examination. We can get really useful information from day one. On a routine basis, once per year every year from age three or younger if you notice anything unusual. We see people every day who have permanent vision loss due to not having had regular eye tests as a child. We all want to give our children the very best start in life and we feel that professional eye care is an essential part of this.

Why come to The Children’s Clinic?

  • Good eye care has been proven to improve academic, sporting and social development in children.
  • Specialist equipment helps us get very accurate results.
  • Highly trained professional service allows us to give a very high standard of care.
  • A friendly environment enables us to get the very best from the children themselves. We even have a toy box!
  • Children go free at Petticrew Optometrists – we will arrange payment from the NHS for both the eye examination and glasses (if required).

To be honest we can’t think of a good reason not to have the very best eye care for your child…